Mega Blood Donation Drive (MBDD)

रक्तदान के क्षेत्र में विश्व की सबसे अधिक रक्तदाता एवं सबसे लम्बे समय तक तलने वाले रक्तदान अभियान अायोजित करने का गौरव प्राप्त संस्था अखिल भारतीय तेरापंथ युवक परिषद एक बार पुनः आप सबके समक्ष प्रस्तुत कर रही है – Mega Blood Donation Drive। जैसा कि आपको जानकारी है शाखा परिषदों द्वारा समय-समय पर रक्तदान शिविरों का आयोजन कर जन जागृति फैलायी जाती है। इस वर्ष शाखा परिषदों को 4 जोन में विभक्त कर 4 दिनों में (नोर्थ जोन-दिनांक 24.09.2018, वेस्ट जोन-दिनांक 09.12.2018 साउथ जोन-दिनांक 23.12.2018 एवं ईस्ट जोन-दिनांक 20.01.2019) एक साथ रक्तदान शिविरों का आयोजन करने जा रही है। रक्तदान शिविर से संबंधित अधिक जानकारी, सुझाव एवं जिज्ञासा हेतु प्रभारी श्री हितेश भांडिया – 9829298364 / श्री नितेश कोठरी- 9367750695 एवं मेल abtypmbdd@hotmail.comपर संपर्क कर सकते हैं।

About Us
– AKHIL BHARTIYA TERAPANTH YUVAK PARISHAD, a youth wing of Jain-Shwetambar-Terapanth Society. Our members execute various social & humanitarian duties under the guidance of Acharya Mahashraman.

ABTYP has a nationwide network of 325+ active branches and more than 40,000 members and many supporters across the world. The dedicated members of ABTYP pledges themselves for the service to mankind & humanity, shares passion of community service, conservation of environment etc. ABTYP has a continuous calendar of activities like Blood donation camps, Awareness programs for Eye Donation, De-Addiction, Body & Organ Donation, Free Health check-up camps, Free Eye check-up camps and operations, establishment of Pathology labs, subsidised Diagnostic Centres, Hostels for students, Conducting relief programs during Natural Calamities, organizing Career Counselling, Personality Development, imparting moral values-science of living (JEEVAN VIGYAN), meditation (PREKSHA DHYAN), intellectual workshops for society as a whole, helping the needy poor by free distribution of Food, Clothes, Medicines and Free Mid-day Meals to poor school children etc.


Mega Blood Donation Drive

A Record in Making –

Our Successful Past Experience – We are proud to announce ourselves as Guinness World Record holder for highest Blood Donation at Multiple Location in single day. The first MEGA BLOOD DONATION DRIVE was held on 17th September 2012. A record 96,600 Units of blood were collected in one day. This drive was honored by Mr. Sachin Tendulkar as Brand Ambassador and then on 06 th September 2014 a record 100212 units of blood was collected on a single day that time Mr. Vivek Oberoie was our ambassador. And These dates stand as Red letter day in history of our causes .In 2016 we organized Blood donation camps each and every day OF THE YEAR which is registered as World’s Longest Blood donation drive in Asia and India books of world records.

These endeavours was honoured by Sachin Tendulkar and Vivek oberoie as Brand Ambassadors and generously supported and wholeheartedly promoted by legendary personalities from all walks of life that included Shri Pranab Mukherji (Then President of India), Shri Narendra Bhai Modi (Prime Minister of country) Many Chief Ministers, Union Cabinet Ministers, State Ministers, MPs, MLAs, Bureaucrats, Bollywood & Sports personalities including Lata Mangeshkar,ShahRukh Khan, Rajnikant, Chireenjivi, Bipasha Basu, SainaNehwal, M S Dhoni, Sonu Nigam, etc.

People from all walks of country from President of country to common man all become part of this most humanitarian drive .

  • This year we are starting a new initiative, further emphasizing on the importance of Blood donation and creating awareness about Blood Donation.

Akhil Bhartiya Terapanth Yuvak Parishad’s biggest event which is committed to bring Red revolution in country is coming back


North zone(Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab)

24 September 2018

West zone(Gujrat and Maharashtra)

09 December 2018

South Zone(Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Telengana, Karnataka, Kerela)

23 December 2018

East zone(Assam, Madhya Pradesh & CG, West Bengal, Odhisa and Nepal)

20 January 2019

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प्रभारी ः हितेश भांडिया – 9829298364 / नितेश कोठरी – 9367750695
:: क्षेत्रीय समूह ::
नोर्थ (24 सितम्बर 2018)
दिल्ली एवं यूपी ः पुखराज लोढ़ा – 9911051144
हरियाणा ः देवेन्द्र डागा – 9416286152
पंजाब ः अनुज जैन – 9463051100
राजस्थान ः करण नाहटा, 9314284290
वेस्ट (9 दिसम्बर 2018)
गुजरात ः मुकेश बाबेल – 9824554096
मुम्बई ः दीपक समदरिया – 9820021363
      चन्द्रेश सोनी – 9820925267
शेष महाराष्ट्र ः तरुण सेठिया – 9373992323
साउथ (23 दिसम्बर 2018)
आंध्र एवं तेलंगाना ः अमित नाहटा – 9603991625
कर्नाटक एवं केरल ः किशोर भंसाली – 9538788050
तमिलनाडु ः बिजय मालू – 9344801658
ईस्ट (20 जनवरी 2019)
असम ः राजकुमार भटेरा – 9864067512
छत्तीसगढ़ ः निर्मल बैंगानी – 9425501527
मध्य प्रदेश ः राजेश बोहरा – 8103079300
उड़ीसा ः अनूप जैन – 9437625573
बिहार ः पवन सेठिया – 9525876195
पश्चिम बंगाल ः सूर्यप्रकाश डागा – 9433002831
नेपाल ः मोहित ललवानी – +9779817396150